Josh Hampson

All throughout school Josh was extremely active as well as doing well in his studies. Josh represented his school on a national level in multiple sports, and consistently carried out in strength and conditioning to help and aid him in his chosen sports whether it was speed, power or just pure strength, he found the gym had so many different applications. Once Josh finished school he lost that competitive outlet of team sports so he decided to take up Natural Bodybuilding to satisfy his drive for competition.

Quite early on in his lifting career (6 months) he was approached and convinced to compete at the 2012 INBA Qld State Titles by the gym owner he was training at. Ever since then Josh has been hooked and is beyond passionate about everything to do with Natural Bodybuilding and continually strives to educate himself and others on the most up to date studies relating to strength training, progression/periodization and nutrition. Josh is a very strong believer in researched information, studies and data to back the decisions he makes leading to a very analytical approach to training and nutrition.

This might come from the fact that he has also completed a degree in Chemical and Food Engineering… Ever since Josh’s first season in 2012 he has continually been learning and applying different training and nutrition strategy’s so he is able to accompany the data he finds with anecdotal evidence based on himself. He has also along the way accrued numerous Natural Bodybuilding titles, the most recent one being crowned the 2015 Junior Natural Olympia Winner as well as becoming the youngest ever to win the Overall Mr. Queensland title and obtaining his Pro Card in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding.

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