Brad Semmens

My name is Brad Semmens, I consider myself a business Strategist who specialises in leadership, culture and behavioural development within small to medium size business with a background in behavioural coaching and Human Resources management

I’ve spent the past 8 years passionately and obsessively investing in my own personal and professional development and education and am committed to this path for the long haul. I’ve got numerous qualifications in the psychological industry including a masters in NLP, timeline therapy and Eriksonian hypnotherapy, level 2 E-DISC accreditation and currently finishing of Human Resources management studies at university

I’m immensely curious and hungry to continue to understand who we are, why we do what we do, how the universe works, finding out what is possible and lastly, how to have the most fulfilling, meaningful and effective life personally and professional in terms of business. I love all things from esoteric teachings and ancient philosophy, metaphysics, and quantum mechanics all the way to modern day cutting edge logical thinking. If we aren’t green and growing, we are ripe and rotting

I believe we are here to be our best selves with all of our might, love, trust and courage and when we do, the universe/ quantum field, will indeed conspire for our success

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