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Fearless Professionals

Meet the professionals that take a Fearless step each day; the people working tirelessly every day on new and exciting projects; those on a mission to improve the lives of everyone else. These are the people that we at Fearless admire most, not only the people who are thought-leaders in their respective disciplines, but took time to share some of their wisdom through various Fearless collaborations. Check out some of their bios below…

Cliff Wilson

Cliff Wilson is a professional natural bodybuilder and one of the top physique coaches in the industry. Founding Team Wilson in 2010 using a combination of scientifically-proven methods and experience-driven techniques, as of 2020 the Team has amassed over 115 pro cards, 85 pro titles, and 13 world championships. Cliff is also a published author of Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook and of numerous articles online and in print. He co-owns and speaks annually at The Physique Summit as well as gives guest lectures around the world.

cliff wilson
Danny Lennon

Danny Lennon

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company providing educational media content on evidence-based nutrition & performance. Of this content, Danny is perhaps most well-known for being the host the top-ranked podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio. Danny has a MSc. Degree in nutritional sciences from University College Cork, in addition to an undergraduate degree in biology and physics. Danny uses his scientific background to read and interpret the latest nutrition research, before communicating the key points to his audience. In addition to his science background, Danny has also worked as a nutrition practitioner for several years. He has presented internationally at conferences and seminars in many cities, including London, Vienna, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam and Phoenix.

Gabrielle Fundaro

Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro, CISSN, CHC, is a Renaissance Periodization consultant, Monash low-FODMAP certified and ISSN-certified sport nutritionist, and ACE-certified health coach. Dr. Fundaro combines her knowledge of nutrition and motivational interviewing techniques to promote intrinsic motivation and behaviour change in clients to facilitate long-term weight management and healthy lifestyles. She believes in the importance of a plant-centric diet in addition to regular, enjoyable physical activity and cognitive exercises as part of a sustainable lifestyle free from the chronic dieting mindset.

Gabrielle Fundaro
Jackson Peos

Jackon Peos

Jackson is an accredited sports nutritionist, currently completing his PhD at the School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia where he has completed a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science, and Exercise & Health. Jackson’s research focuses on novel diet strategies for maximising performance and muscle retention while reducing body fat. He has also directed the largest athlete weight loss trial in Australia, and the first randomised controlled trial investigating diet breaks in weight trained athletes. Jackson has competed previously in boxing, bodybuilding, rowing and football.

Jacob Schepis

Owner and director of JPS Health & Fitness, Jacob Schepis has helped thousands of individuals improve their strength, body composition and well-being through evidence-based resistance training and nutrition. This approach to training and diet has enabled him to excel in a wide array of disciplines, including bodybuilding (state and international champion), competing at the International Powerlifting Federation (national competitor and is in Australia’s top 8 ranking), and play at major state-level in AFL!

jacob schepis
Jason Tremblay

Jason Tremblay

Jason Tremblay is the President & Co-Founder of The Strength Guys. The Strength Guys (TSG) are a group of scientists, innovators, and athletes who are passionate about delivering a results-driven and evidence-based powerlifting coaching service online for drug-free athletes. Jason holds a Bachelors Degree in Health & Physical Education, as well as the Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate, both from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. He has coached 16 National Champions, 4 Continental Champions, and 3 World Champions within the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), and also holds experience as a Strength & Conditioning Intern under internationally renowned Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and within the National Hockey League (NHL). Jason utilizes his knowledge of coaching and his creative skillset in order to provide unique sports science performance solutions for his staff and clients.

Laurin Conlin

Laurin Conlin is an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor, holds both a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science and is the owner of Team LoCoFit. Her coaching team at LoCoFit helps clients achieve competitive success while focusing on long-term health interests through a scientific, evidence-based approach. Laurin’s mission is to redefine healthy within the fitness industry. Conlin lectures internationally on topics including nutrition, training, psychological aspects of dieting, and fitness entrepreneurship. She hosts two podcasts, Redefine Healthy Radio and Team LoCoFit Roundtable.

laurin conlin
liam bygott

Liam Bygott

A very talented young athlete and coach, Liam Bygott is a Junior Professional Natural Bodybuilder and Physique Coach at the Hold Your Own gym on the Gold Coast, Australia. Specialising in premium coaching services from body recomposition, strength & conditioning as well as competition preparation for a variety of physique athletes, Liam has a wealth of strength-based knowledge as well experience in using evidence-based approaches to maximum gains

Lizzy Rawdah

Flex Success is a team of coaches working with clients online from all around the world. With over 50 years of industry experience between the 6 coaches and a drive to raise the industry standard, we aim to help clients achieve permanent positive change through evidence-based practice. We don’t just tell clients what to do, we teach them what, why and how creating self-reliant clients & athletes. We pride ourselves on communicating science in a clear and practical way, whether that be to our 1on1 clients (from professional athlete to soccer mum), in consultation video calls with non-clients, in our book, or our research review. Our goal is to get you to your goal in the easiest, healthiest way possible without you wasting time, energy & money on bogus or unproven products, tests, programs or diets. From the team at Flex Success, Diet Smart. Not Hard

lizzy rawdah
nick jones
Gen-Tec Nutrition

Nick Jones

Founding his first company in 1999, Nick Jones devoted 33 years of his life to nutrition, health & the art of bodybuilding. Continually evolving whilst experiencing massive growth, Gen-Tec is quickly becoming one of the leading nutritional and supplement brands across the country. We worked with Nick & the Gen-Tec Team filming some training and nutrition videos for the FTU Academy

Kori Propst

Kori is the ground zero health psychologist committed to helping her clients rebuild their most energetic and authentic lives. She specializes in untangling the vast web of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors for individuals feeling stuck in complicated eating and body image struggles. Her clients move from chaos to control as they learn evidence- and strength-based mind-body practices that encourage empowerment and optimal well-being, through her individualised coaching services: The Mental Edge and Peak Performance program. Kori is one of the few physique athletes who has earned professional status in all three divisions of Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fit Body within the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. With her extensive experience in the physique world and expertise as a health psychologist, she brings rare wisdom to the industry

kori propst