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With the FTU Academy, you’re in-charge of training, with access to an entire suite of resources from gym videos, exercise programs, nutritional recipes and lifestyle advice and more – you’ll get your own online fitness trainer available at your fingertips. Equipping you with the information you need to live a healthier, more informed lifestyle; you’ll get access to one of the best online personal training programs built from years of academic research and client experience. Whether your gym is closed, you struggle with the equipment, or you just need some god-damn inspiration! The FTU Academy is the perfect beginner’s guide or professional’s companion to training like a pro, and minimise the time you have to spend looking for the right answer. Become a member today to the FTU Academy today, the ideal companion to helping you build muscle & lose fat





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Training doesn’t have to be complicated, but with all the information out in the world – sometimes it can be. That’s why we’ve packaged all you need to know into one place…

The FTU Academy is the perfect beginner’s guide or professional’s companion; full of training videos, workout programs, nutrition advice and healthy recipes that you can use to build muscle & lose fat

“Overhead Press”, Exercises Explained Series

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Get across the basics with Training fundamentals, giving you the essential, need-to-know info before the gym. The Exercises Explained series breaks down your workouts workouts in beginner guides, then when you’re short on time hop into some Express 30 Minute Workouts and target your muscle group, or for specific gym exercises use the upcoming Training Gallery, packed with gym videos, exercise breakdowns, and more!

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One of the most important parts of any training program, yet it’s often neglected – your nutrition. The FTU Academy is packed with series like Nutrition Fundamentals and Fearless Grocery Shopping to give you the foundation you need for healthy eating. With series like Fearless Cookery School and In The Kitchen, you can cook along with the pro’s in guided recipes – packed with nutrition and flavour. With the FTU Academy, you’ll be a nutritional foodie in no time

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Balance is tough. That’s why you’ll find courses on how you can balance your training, nutrition & lifestyle to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and achieve your goals…fearlessly!

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