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All my life I have been surrounded by health, sport and movement – in some way shape or form. A lifelong calling that has never stopped. At the age of twelve, since being first exposed to legendary physiques, I set out on what was to become my mission: to achieve my dream physique. To crack the code, discover the magic ingredients, find and uncover the secrets that amount to success. Now, after years of study, training, learning, breakthroughs, setbacks and wins; I have those secrets to share


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The Science

Only the truth. Science! Formulas, practical evidence-based criteria that works; not because of magic, but a combination of years of scientific research and findings, with real-life anecdotal experiences. It’s real. It’s simple. The issue? We are the ones who complicate everything!

At present day, with 10+ years of coaching experience and a specialist in strength & conditioning, body recomposition and holistic physique coaching, we have packaged these essential insights into modular, carefully programmed online resources – for all access from anywhere in the world. 

Compiling decades of science, trends & best practises into your own personalised dashboard. The FTU Academy is here to reduce barriers to information and innovate the future of personal fitness. Exposing education, science and truth regarding anything; strength, nutrition and lifestyle related.


Long term success that is enjoyable, flexible and sustainable for all is my creed. My mission is now inspiring, coaching and leading others to reach, realise, and achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations just as I have and continue to do…To lead by example.

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