Training, with a fearless Attitude

a 3-dimensional approach to fitness

Fundamentally, the goal is to make people realise that training is much more than just the physical, it’s holistic, it’s multi-faceted and 3-dimensional. It’s why we talk about training, nutrition and lifestyle collectively, from a place of education and evidence-based practises. It’s not BS or a misconception from the media, it’s all based on real-life experience and researched practises from some of the best science and literature currently available from peers, practitioners and professionals alike. To bring truth and clarity around these topics; helping people to better enhance their lives, achieve what they want to achieve, and ultimately to live a lifestyle in a way that is flexible, sustainable and enjoyable. To live fearlessly!



There’s no magic pill, overnight transformation technique or shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. The trick is to develop flexible but sustainable habits that, produce great results. That’s why, whether you’re part of the Fearless Training United Academy or are training exclusively with Alex Connor, we’ve mapped out the entire process across a number of key areas – putting you on the path to success

The Fearless Training Philosophy

3-dimensional approach


A training program that is mapped to your goals, is one that you will sustain and grow with


introducing a flexible approach to your nutrition, that's bespoke to your lifestyle


Training is more than just lifting; your lifestyle determines your training success.

Holistic & Fearless



Physique Coach

Alex Connor

Founder & Physique Coach

Long term success that is enjoyable, flexible and sustainable for all is my creed. My mission is now inspiring, coaching and leading others to reach, realise, and achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations just as I have and continue to do…To lead by example. To be Fearless.

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