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…video exercises, workout programs, resources and more, all on-demand. The FTU Academy will help you build muscle & lose fat

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your mobile training companion

With the FTU Academy, you’re in-charge of training, with access to an entire suite of resources from gym videos, exercise programs, nutritional recipes and lifestyle advice and more – you’ll get your own online fitness trainer available at your fingertips. Equipping you with the information you need to live a healthier, more informed lifestyle; you’ll get access to one of the best online personal training programs built from years of academic research and client experience. Whether your gym is closed, you struggle with the equipment, or you just need some god-damn inspiration! The FTU Academy is the perfect beginner’s guide or professional’s companion to training like a pro, and minimise the time you have to spend looking for the right answer. Become a member today to the FTU Academy today, the ideal companion to helping you build muscle & lose fat



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Talking everything training, nutrition & lifestyle, each week Fearless Physique Coach Alex Connor sits down with leading experts; cutting straight through to the ROAR knowledge. Podcast Released weekly.

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The FTU Academy is now officially LIVE. Your very own personal training companion packed with fitness workout videos, gym videos, exercise programs, nutrition guides, and everything else in-between. Access everything on-demand, and keep your online fitness trainer always am arm reach away…

Meet the Coach

Alex Connor

With 10+ years of coaching experience and a specialist in strength & conditioning, body recomposition and holistic physique coaching, I have packaged the most essential information you need for training success into modular, carefully programmed online resources – for access from anywhere in the world. 

Compiling decades of science, trends & best practises into your own personalised dashboard. I introduced the FTU Academy to reduce barriers to information and innovate the future of personal fitness. Exposing education, science and truth regarding anything; strength, nutrition and lifestyle related.

He is very knowledgable and broke the training and nutrition down to my specific needs making it easy to implement and track for me. I took a lot away from the 6 weeks from Alex not only in the gym but also through chats about business and lifestyle, it was a pleasure.
Josh (Exclusice coaching client)
Until this year I’d never been able achieve my ideal physique and image. Alex guided me through optimising my nutrition and training and provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I can carry forward for the rest of my life.
Nick (Exclusive Coaching client)
Alex has coached me, inspired me and guided me to believe in myself. Not only did he give me exceptional life advice but he also trained me to become stronger both physically and mentally. I know how to balance daily life and implement not only successful but effective training schedules
Sarah (exclusive coaching client)
Alex’s passion for health and fitness is evident throughout the program, putting vast amounts of effort into explaining and detailing every aspect of your plan. It is refreshing to see his passion passed onto people helping them achieve their goals
Matty (exclusive coaching client)
Great program that is flexible and caters to the clients’ needs. Goes beyond any services that generic personal trainers or nutrition companies provide; tailoring the exercise and nutrition to the individual’s needs. This program is especially effective as it is about making fitness ‘fit’ into your life, not your life into a strict regime of eating and training
Andreas (exclusive coaching client)
Coaching without the BS. Fearless Training United is flexible, sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable!
Paul (exclusive coaching client)